Creating awesome digital assets and lead generation funnels at Awesome Digital Marketing

Growing my startup Mastermind Manager. It’s video conferencing reinvented for mastermind groups with an agenda, timer and built-in goal setting.

Cherishing time in Colorado with my kids Christopher (11), Hayden (9) and Emma (7) playing games like Risk, Monopoly, Chess, and card games and riding our bikes to the park for picnics and basketball (even when it’s when it’s cold!)

Masterminding every Tuesday morning with my mastermind group

Blogging here at Awesome Alchemist

Listening to audiobooks daily. Most recent listens have been about presidents (Lincon, Washington, Truman, Johnson (LBJ) and some of the most wealthy and successful people throughout history (Carnegie, Rockefeller. and currently the House of Morgan)

Reading paper books as well and have fallen in love with the local public library again. Peak Performance was a recent favorite. Also recently read about Hetty Green the “Richest Woman in America”. Just finished “The Innovators” by Walter Isaacson which was very good.

Walking a lot. 5 – 10 miles most days.

*updated 3/22/2018

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