The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI in record setting fashion. I’ve never been a Pats fan, but I have tremendous respect for them. Many people were surprised by how the game turned out. Some people were upset about how the game turned out. The fact that they won was not surprising. They were the favorite before kickoff. It’s the way they won that was¬†surprising. One moment it looked hopeless and the next their victory seemed inevitable. By the end of the game, even the Atlanta Falcons appeared to be in awe of champions doing what champions do. Make history.

There are many reasons that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been so successful and even more theories. I heard a mantra that the organization believes in that may help reveal some of the magic. Three simple words. “Do Your Job”. Here are three useful interpretations.

Do Your Job


The first way to look at this slogan is that it is focused on doing. Action is required. Do your job, but don’t just do it. Really do it. Be in the moment. Don’t just go through the motions. Do your very best. Get it done.

Do Your Job


Another way we can see this motto is that it challenges us to focus on our own personal assignment rather than what other people should or should not be doing. Control what you can control and do your part. Results matter. Be accountable for your own effort and results. Do your job and trust that the score will take care of its self.

Do Your Job


This powerful maxim can also highlight the importance of doing what other people are counting on you to do. Your job as a teammate (in anything in life) is to complete the task assigned to you to the best of your ability. If it doesn’t get done then you let people down. It doesn’t really matter what else you were busy doing if you didn’t do your job. Nobody can do it for you. It’s your function or purpose in this moment. Your obligation and duty. It’s your job.


Action. Accountability. Responsibility. It’s how champions make¬†history.