Last weekend I watched Alice In Wonderland in 3D, another masterpiece by Tim Burton. The movie is visually stunning and Johnny Depp is amazing as The Mad Hatter. The story takes place many years after the original and Alice has grown up to be a very curious young woman. We learn that her father was a visionary and taught his daughter some very important lessons. Before Alice can save Wonderland she must first believe that she can. Believing in the impossible is the first step to making it possible. The people who have shaped our world have always known this. Henry Ford is famous for believing in his vision so much that when his engineers told him that it was simply not possible he told them to “produce it anyway” and to “go ahead and stay on the job until you succeed, no matter how much time is required”. And they did. The impossible for you right now might be finding a job, getting out of debt or maybe just learning how to be happy and enjoy life. Whatever the challenge, if you believe and refuse to quit, you can make it reality, just like Alice and Henry Ford.