I love going to the gym late at night. I go to 24-Hour Fitness, so I can go any time, but late at night there are no crowds and no waiting.  There are few distractions and it is easy to focus on the task at hand.

I’ve always known that staying in shape makes me feel and look better. I have more energy and it improves the quality of my sleep. I have recently realized that another major benefit is that I feel better about myself when I work out too. I feel proud that I am keeping a promise to myself.

I’ve also realized that going to the gym is very rewarding because I know EXACTLY what my goals are. I know what muscle groups I will work and what exercises I will do. I know how long it will take. I even know how I will feel when I am done.

The lesson that I have learned is that having clearly defined goals and self imposed time constraints can help me in every aspect of my life.

Do you like to go to the gym?

Have you had success using specific short-term goals and deadlines to get more done and feel a sense of accomplishment?

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